A Story of Hope in Grief


I’ve lost grandparents, friends, and my father. The loss of my father in 2016 to a long struggle with cancer affected me more than ever. Grief Share gave me an understanding that many of the emotions such as anger, frustration with people, work, obligations of normal daily tasks, lack of sleep, short temperedness, and guilt are normal feelings. Also, that we may grieve differently than others. It helped me recognize that I was putting expectations on others to act or perform in a way that I was expecting. We prayed and discussed the feelings of loss, guilt, and Scriptures of God’s forgiveness, grace, and hope. Through Grief Share, I have benefitted from others sharing their story and biblical perspective, backed with Scripture reaffirming that others go through this experience. Most importantly, that God understands our grief, loves us, and will be with us in our darkest time. He rejoices as we draw close and focus on Him. My hope and prayer is that God will use Grief Share to help hurting people through this challenge and support others in their time of loss. To help them have hope and to experience joy and God’s very best as time moves forward. Mourning is a spiritual journey of the heart and soul.