A Story of Perspectives

Monty & Sue Bakken

Monty and I attended our first Perspectives class in January 2022, right here at LC3. That evening we procured the daunting, thick syllabus and were blessed by Reg Overstreet’s preaching about God’s Global Mission.

Following that first evening, I wrote in my journal: “Father, I’m scared to commit 15 weeks of classes, study and homework. But, I also don’t want to miss out on understanding more about your global plan.”  Never realizing at the time we might get to be a little part of His global mission.  

In January 2023, we were part of the LC3 team that ministered to the SIM missionaries in Niamey, Niger. The following fall, we both felt called to go back to Niger and teach at Sahel Academy in Niamey. There we witnessed God’s hand moving in a country that is 90% Muslim, with modern technology alongside donkey carts and sheep and goats everywhere. It is a land where His global workers are serving and equipping the local church. 

Even though we were only in the field for 70 days, we would never have dipped our toes into African soil and sang hymns of faith in French with the Nigerian church had we never attended Perspectives.