A Story of Identity

Markus Wilkening

Hello! I am a senior at Steilacoom High School and I attend Pierce College through Running Start. I grew up attending LC3 and this was my seventh winter camp. Winter camp has always been such an amazing experience but this year it was really special. God has been speaking to me in the past couple months and used winter camp to give me a much-needed, special message.
One thing you should know about me is I love basketball. I have been playing since early elementary school and it has always been my favorite sport and activity. Near the end of January, I tore two ligaments and fractured the bone in my ankle at basketball practice the day before senior night. This really hurt, not just physically but emotionally. I felt like my entire identity, who I was, was stripped from me. I knew basketball would end, but I didn’t expect it to end like that.

Winter camp tends to be a very spiritually-impactful weekend so I started praying. I was praying that God would have something for me at winter camp. The first night we were there, the speaker said the message for this weekend was on identity. It was at that moment I felt God’s peace overwhelm me. I was so grateful God had answered my prayers. Throughout the weekend I heard some amazing messages and had some meaningful cabin talks with my best friends. I felt so close to God and I am so incredibly grateful for this weekend at winter camp.
Now, after coming home from winter camp, I feel closer to God than ever. I know I still have so much more to grow but the increase in my faith in Him has been huge.