Just Moved

Tina Turner: I was blessed to find Just Moved shortly after arriving in Washington, when I was having a rough time.

I immediately felt so welcomed by all the ladies. I have never felt more included in a group environment than I did with the Just Moved ladies.

I am truly grateful for how they reached out and asked how they could pray for me and my family. The book has walked me through the hurt of what I lost and has me looking forward to what can be. It helps with way more than moving. I am forever grateful!

Leslie Rusca: I moved here five years ago after living in the same house, where I raised my two daughters, for 35 years. I had no idea how hard it would be. We moved to be close to our daughters and grandchildren, but they have their own, busy lives. Just Moved was a godsend and just what I needed. Everyone came with different backgrounds, ages, and life’s trials. I fell in love with all the women and felt a sense of community, which is exactly what I needed. “Thank you,” to all the wonderful women I now call friends.

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