Kristin's Story

“I’ve been thinking about moving all three kids into the same room. We could do a lot of things with the extra room. I mean, an entire refugee family could live in there!” I said to a friend. The next morning, when I got an email that an Afghan family needed a place to stay that night, I knew God had paved the way for me to say ‘Yes.’

The Body of Christ mobilized to help with food and cleaning, and we moved our toddler into his siblings’ room. A sweet family of three from Afghanistan arrived a few hours later. They had traveled through ten countries, one of them on foot.

Their toddler boy loved playing with our train set and taking a bath in our giant bathtub. Over a dinner of frozen pizza and fruit, the dad told his story of finding Jesus through questioning Islam.

By hosting, we got to be part of their story of courage and faith. For a weekend, our home was holy ground.

Kristin Wilkes is a member at LC3.
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