The Persecuted Church

“Indeed all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” - 1 Timothy 3:12

Table of Nations has been given the honor of walking alongside persecuted Christians. Like the early Christians that were forced to flee, these brothers and sisters found themselves in imminent danger in Muslim countries. For some of our Afghan friends, their names appeared on a “hit list”, and rumors of executions began. Some received threatening letters from the new government after their own family members outed them as Christians. They were forced to flee their homes and country.

Now living as exiles in our midst, these individuals are starting their lives over from scratch. Their degrees and qualifications amount to nothing here in the US as they seek work to provide for their families. They’re having to learn English, how to fill out forms in a foreign alphabet, how to use public transportation, and how to shop in a supermarket rather than a bazaar. The cultures are starkly different and the challenges are endless, exhausting, and lonely.

What about us, who identify with Christ here in America? Is Jesus worth it to us? Is following Him worth leaving our families and homes behind? Is knowing Him worth being a stranger in a strange land, or learning a new language? Is loving Him worth loving ourselves less, to the point of giving up our degrees, qualifications, and status? Would we be willing to leave everything behind because our ID card reveals our faith?
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