A Story of Finding a Place

Charlie Morrow

On Christmas Eve 2019, my wife and I first entered LC3. After just a few short weeks, we knew that LC3 was “our” church.  

We had been life-long Catholics and our Bible knowledge was limited. I didn’t see many uses for my neophyte Christian talents at LC3. As a retired soldier I thought the Security Team would be the one perfect fit. I prayed about it. The Good Shepherd called me to take up my shepherd’s crook and to look out for His flock. By spring of 2020, I was on the Security Team.

We have an extensive list of duties, but my two favorites are unwritten. First, ensure that when my church family sees me, my face radiates my joy in serving my Good Shepherd. Secondly, to assist anyone who could benefit from my help. I expected nothing from this activity but received blessings in abundance: I quickly formed a bond with the other security guys; I was meeting hundreds of my LC3 family; and I was being guided by these brothers and sisters on how to best use my time in seeking a better relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus. 

As a security team member, I am constantly inspired by my LC3 family. So many wear their love of God and their neighbor on their sleeves. I am privileged to see the level of service so many folks give to their church and community behind the scenes - it is so inspiring.

As I go through the ups and downs of life, God lifts the ups to “way ups” and the downs are obliterated whenever I serve a security shift. I always experience God’s blessing. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for guiding me to this ministry and thank you, LC3, for allowing me to serve in this manner.

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