A Story of Healing

Evie Mulholland

When I lost my husband four years ago, I was devastated and broken by my grief. Wayne was my best friend and the love of my life. When he died, a big part of me died that day, too. I didn’t want to continue life without him, but I knew I had to keep living for my children’s sake. My joy was gone; I was not the same person any more. It was so lonely waking up by myself every day. I heard about a GriefShare class starting at Oasis Church in Lakewood and God nudged me to check it out.

GriefShare touched on all the aspects of grief I was dealing with. It showed me God was always there to help me. Being with other people who were also experiencing tremendous loss helped me work through this incredible pain. We shared what worked for us which showed me new ways to help myself. Answering questions in the workbook made me realize God had a plan for my life, even while I was alone. The videos taught me ways to handle people and situations that made me uncomfortable.

A friend lost his wife, so I suggested he attend GriefShare. He asked me to go with him. Going through the class again was very helpful. I was in a better place in my life but I still received comfort and support in adjusting to my new life alone. It was also a chance for me to contribute to others because I was healing from my grief. Friends and family saw a change in me. My daughter told me she thought I would do well leading a GriefShare class.
When I became a member of LC3, I was asked what area I thought I could serve God here. I told Pastor Rich I wanted to start up a GriefShare class. With God’s direction we held a 13-week class last Spring.

The participants said they found the program very helpful and it was a blessing to be able to share my experiences and help others through their own difficult times.