A Story of Healing


A little over two years ago, my husband Brian and I attended a Military Reboot course at LC3. As part of our shared military experience, we had been having difficulty connecting with people since moving to Washington and had pretty much given up on finding an authentic or genuine community. I was reluctant to discuss some of the hard things I had gone through with a room of strangers. After a few of the classes, it became evident the leaders and other participants actually cared about who I was and what I had been through. In time, I began to share more of my story and found I wasn’t as afraid about feeling judged or disregarded as a female veteran. I found myself back at the next class, and the next...until Brian and I joined the Reboot team as facilitators!

Military Reboot is different than a support group. It is a 12-week course that seeks to give hope and healing to veterans and their spouses from trauma experienced while serving our country, extending to life before and afterward. Reboot is also led by other veterans and their spouses who have personally been through the course as participants. Through this course, we have witnessed veterans and their families start and continue their healing journey. This last class graduated eight veterans and spouses!

Brian and I are so thankful for the growing Reboot community and for the support LC3 has given to make this happen. Through Reboot we have made genuine connections with others and we have learned to share our difficult experiences to encourage others in the class. It has been a joy learning to apply Biblical truth to difficult parts of our lives, but it has been even more fulfilling to witness the fruits of healing grow in the lives of our Reboot family.

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