A Story of Celebration


In 2023 my family and I made the decision to leave the church that we had been attending for the last 13 years. It was one of the toughest decisions we have had to make. We had built many relationships and served there for many years; we were not enjoying going to church and dreaded Bible study. We found ourselves trying to get out of serving in ministries we once enjoyed. We knew this was hindering our spiritual growth and finally, in July, we decided to move on.

Our search for a new church home did not take very long. Road construction in our area had forced us to drive by LC3 for months, so it was the first church that we tried. It’s also two minutes from our house. Turns out that it was the church’s 100th anniversary celebration, and boy, what a celebration it was! We raced home, changed, and came back to join the festivities. Immediately we were welcomed at the registration table, enjoyed great food, and the kids had a great time.

Then Pastor Tung gave the sermon. Hearing his sermon that day touched our hearts in the most comforting way. It was almost as if God was giving us peace with the decision we made. We hadn’t been that emotional attending a church service in some time. We have never seen that many baptisms at one time and had a hard time holding back our tears. That day, God told us we were where we needed to be. It didn’t take long before I started serving on the Security Team, Task Force Warrior and attending EMAW. My family and I thank God for leading us to LC3.

I am excited to be on the volunteer team for this summer’s Party at the Park in hopes of welcoming others experiencing LC3 for the first time.