A Story of Community Outreach

The Wells Family

Our family absolutely loves serving each year at the LC3 Trunk-or-Treat! We love meeting people from our extended community in a super fun environment! Just to have the simple opportunity to smile, engage in eye contact, and chat with strangers is such a blessing to us - and we hope for them as well. In our experience it’s been the best opportunity for reaching unchurched people in our Lakewood community. It’s great to feel like we can be part of the world-wide missionary effort!

We have the Christmas booth every year with Santa and we love the opportunity to invite those we meet to our Christmas services! We also invite teens to youth group and I’ve seen more than a few students surprised to feel so loved when I sneak them a little extra candy and extend to them that invitation. Little kids just want to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, but the parents are excited to get that shopping list early and to get their Santa pictures for free and in time to add to their Christmas cards! For us, it means so much to offer that valuable gift to these families.

It’s not uncommon to hear people who don’t attend church say that churches and Christians are hypocritical and judgmental. This exposure of who we really are is an incredible opportunity to show them a church that is humble and overflowing with an abundance of wholesome kindness!

Thank you, LC3 for putting this event together and for making it so fun!
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