A Story of Mission in Malawi

Ron Letendre

LC3 played a key role in helping me take the step of Missions in Malawi. Five years ago, I made a prayer commitment to serve God in missions. I was serving with the Reboot ministry and in Community Groups, but I felt prompted to consider missions. Fast forward to today and I’m living in ZoFast forward to today: I’m living in Zomba, Malawi; working with the Passion Center; and attending Mulunguzi Community Church!!
It’s amazing being part of a ministry that’s committed to church planting, orphans, community health, education, special needs children, and so much more. My main focus with the Passion Center is the Vocational Training Ministry helping orphans learn computer skills and teaching Bible studies. Over 80% of Malawian students are not able to complete secondary school due to a lack of funds. It’s a blessing to be part of a ministry that works to help Malawian youth receive education. I’m also part of the Discipleship Program and have grown so much in my walk with Christ!

Thank you, LC3, for making this possible and encouraging & supporting me.

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