A Story of Answered Prayers

Aaliyah Herrera

In December, I made a post on a Christian wives of JBLM group asking for suggestions for churches and women’s Bible studies. I received quite a few recommendations, but LC3’s website showed exactly the type of ministries and community resources I was looking for in a church.

On January 21, 2024, we attended LC3. Before I arrived, I asked God to show me if this church would be the one for my husband and me. I had been yearning for a young women’s Bible study group and I wanted to find a home church so that I could finally get baptized.  

I walked into LC3 and was immediately welcomed & helped. When service started, the only announcement was a Baptism class. I felt that God had answered my prayers. The sermon was amazing and my husband absolutely enjoyed it. Now that my husband was on board, I knew it was the right church for us. But it didn’t stop there! God kept the blessings coming.

During service, I noticed a young lady. The Holy Spirit gave me a feeling about her and right after service she approached me. As we talked she invited me to attend Koinonia and added me to the group chat. While we continued talking, she introduced me to other young women who were a part of the group. Not only did God give me a sign that day, He answered every one of my specific prayers!

I have gained an amazing church family and I feel so welcome and loved by everyone. I have also gained new sisters in Christ who are all so amazing; they make me feel very special and loved. I highly recommend LC3 to people looking for a church. You guys are truly Heaven sent. Thank you.