Lura's Story

Many years ago God placed on my heart our missionary wives and women to encourage them and care for them as best I can. I have traveled with them, shopped for them, packed for them, washed dishes for them and tried to enter their worlds whenever possible. I try to engage them with you, our church family, as much as I can.

In anticipation of seeing our Niger friends I contacted one small group who loves on one of the families we support. They took up a collection for this family, which I gave to them while I was in Niger.

With tears streaming this family related that they had had some medical bills while in the US which should have been covered by their insurance in their country. But for six months they had been chasing down the exact paperwork to get reimbursed without success, despite letters, emails and phone calls. They had given up on getting these funds back. When they opened the envelope last week, they found the exact amount - to the dollar - of what they were lacking!! Praise God that you generous folks at LC3 heard God whisper, “Be generous!!”

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