Bethany's Story

“I have always valued life in the womb. It’s been something I hold dear to my heart, but I never really thought there was much I could do. I didn’t live in a bubble though. God allowed me to cross paths with multiple women who entrusted me with their stories of sexual assault. When someone I love told me her story, she confessed that if her abuse had ended in pregnancy, she would have wanted the right to choose because she was scared to give a child away into the foster system.  

At this moment, God showed me what I could do. Military life, at this moment, may keep me from becoming a foster parent, but helping with foster care is not an “all or nothing” situation. There is plenty I can do: I can bring someone a meal, I can run errands, I can love on people by meeting practical needs, and I can pray.”

These are the practical needs that a team of 4-8 people will meet as part of a Life Care Community serving a single foster family. The goal of Life Care is to be that support for foster families so that they feel empowered to continue fostering. If you are interested in learning more about Life Care, or have any questions, please email our Advocates: Kristen Attwood at or Theresa Alier at

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