Caleb's Story

HALLELUJAH! I cannot fully express how amazing it was to see God move on the trip to Malawi. Thank you for your steadfast prayers.

I had the privilege of seeing God move in so many ways and having the joy of serving as His hands and feet. These opportunities ranged from visiting widows and praying for them; playing with kids; embarrassing myself with terrible dancing; and having multiple opportunities to share the Gospel truth of how Jesus came for the widows, orphans, and outcasts.

This was a blessing beyond anything I ever expected, and I couldn’t believe how much I learned from His Word through that process. But it didn’t end there! I felt so honored to have the opportunity to follow some of the local pastors around and see their hearts for God and how He was moving in their lives and in the community. This stoked the flame of my desire for missions and it’s my prayer that it did the same for others.

Family, if there is anything this trip showed me it is that Christ is calling us to something more than slogging through everyday life. He has called us to a mission both here in the US and also Africa; so, let’s be Jesus wherever we are to the Glory of God. I’m just left with one more thing to say...praise the Lord!