Evelyn Twomey's Story

I started going to a little church in Tillicum, when I was three years old, which means I have been attending church for 93 years.

When I was 36 or 37, I found myself a single mom of four children, two girls and two boys.  I realized I needed to find a good church to raise these children in, and after visiting one or two, we came to Lake City Community Church. We never left. We have been here about 60 years.

The pastor at that time was David Stewart. He started every sermon by telling us that God loves us. One Sunday when he said that, I thought I would melt off the seat. God’s love washed over me so much.

I find that has not changed in 60 years. Each Sunday, the sermon I hear is always true to God’s Word. And happily, I can say that God has been faithful in keeping my four children walking with Him, too.

We are grateful for those who have called LC3 home for many decades, and have ensured we are a church that preaches God’s Word and teaches of His love for each and every one of us.
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