Behind the Scenes

We show up for an event at church, have a great time meeting new people and growing a little more, and then head out to our next activity. What we don’t think about are the nicely arranged pockets in the chair backs,   the clean kitchen we used, or who cleaned up beind us. Every week we have a team of faithful volunteers who serve behind the scenes to make sure everything is clean and prepared, ensuring our facility is ready for ministry.

This team reserves Friday morning for the Lord when they show up to prep the Worship Center for weekend services. But as so often happens in volunteering, they find they’re the ones being served: by finding fellowship and time together as they work; in finding joy and comfort without getting acclaim; by being provided the opportunity to serve. They pray for the people coming behind them, and hope those using the spaces next will feel cared for. Whether it’s cleaning a kitchen, organizing the Worship Center, or meeting with people in our neighborhood in need of support, it’s ministry. We’re so grateful to this team for answering God’s call to be part of the body of Christ!
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