A Story of Worship

Jimmy Johnson

It’s incredible to think how it’s already been a little over two years since I joined LC3, and nearly as long on the worship team. While the purpose of joining the worship team was to serve, far more blessings have come back in so many ways.

One unexpected blessing has been deep, meaningful friendships. It can be really difficult building relationships when joining a church, but being on the worship team really helped bridge that gap for me. Through countless hours of practice, conversation, and shared spiritual growth, God helped cultivate relationships where we support each other on stage and in life’s ups and downs.

Practicing for the worship team goes beyond mastering melodies: it’s a weekly deep dive in biblical truth. Rehearsing not only helps prepare musically, but also serves as a consistent reminder of God’s Word throughout the week. The lyrics of the songs echo throughout the day as a constant reminder of who God is, and helps carry me through the different seasons life throws my way.

Serving by leading worship from a place of strength is empowering, but it’s during the challenging weeks that the most powerful impact is felt. In those moments, when personal struggles weigh heavy, hearing and seeing the collective worship of God’s people becomes a source of encouragement. While I may be leading the church in music, I find we regularly lead each other into true worship with God.

What began as a desire to contribute to the worship team at LC3 has served as a reminder of God’s grace and provision. Rather than simply leading songs, I get the opportunity to join the church in declaring God’s goodness, provision, and blessings. I am grateful to be used on this team.

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