Niger Support

We have raised over $10,000 to support God’s work in Niger, Africa, through the Niger Change Drive.
That’s a lot of coins you turned in!

By participating in this fundraiser, you have supported Scripture distribution through the purchase of Bibles and SIM cards; enabled Fulani people to receive Bible education and Tamajaq students to receive scholarships to Bible College; and supported Monty and Sue Bakken as they await their departure to Niger to teach at Sahel Academy.

While the coup in Niger caught us by surprise, it was foreseen by God Almighty. The coup has greatly impacted our team’s ability to minister to the Fulani and Tamajaq people. All but one of the missionaries were out-of-country on summer furloughs when the coup began, and none of them have been able to return to Niger with the airports closed. This means ministry has been very limited, and Sahel Academy has not been able to open because there are no available teachers.

Please be in prayer for the peace and safety of the country, for the people to have food, for the Christians who minister there, and for God’s Word to continue to spread throughout Niger.
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