Love Lakewood

A few weeks ago, our youth participated in Love Lakewood, an LC3 ministry to love those in our community. The group offered to pay for laundry at our neighborhood laundromat.
The first woman who arrived came with seven large garbage bags of laundry. Her
landlord was planning to evict her that morning unless she did something with
all the clothes on her porch.

“I didn’t have enough money to wash and dry all my clothes,” she said. The woman explained she had prayed God would provide for her. “I’ve only done this a couple of times in my life, where I stopped and prayed and asked God to provide for me. And shortly after, I see this group of people walking towards me. Then you explained you wanted to pay for my laundry!” The woman broke down crying and explained “I know God is real. He answered my prayers today.” We had the blessing of praying over this woman and sharing the hope of Jesus with her and her children.

When we meet a physical need, we open the door to meet a spiritual need. We are grateful to have met this new friend and continue to pray for the flourishing of our community in

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