A Story of Spiritual Investment


Sarah (my wife) and I came to JBLM in June of 2022. We had come from Fort Lee, VA, where we had good friends and a good church to attend. Regular time in the Word, and lots of time to spend together meant stable times for us. 

After about six months of being in Washington, Sarah and I were struggling. I was not leading well, we couldn’t find a church, and our quiet time with God was suffering. In simple terms, arguments were often and joy was found less and less with time. 

I heard about Man Camp after a couple months at LC3 and knew deep down that it would be really good for me. As soon as Marc, Charlie, and I were on the road to Seabeck, the Lord confirmed I was supposed to go. I was filled with joy. After meeting countless other men who were also chasing after the Lord, I had felt reenergized towards my walk with God. Spending three days completely dedicated towards building good relationship, being a man of God and leading others well was a great kickstart into progression of my walk with God.

The spiritual “return on investment” I received from this trip was truly a blessing. My encouragement is for those on the fence is to man-up and get a ticket.