Malawi: Amanda & Abby

Amanda and Abby are going on the youth mission trip to Malawi in June of 2023. They will be part of the team of adults accompanying the students. Here is their story.

Amanda Quintana: I am going to Malawi as a means to be the first and best discipler of my children. My son, Gabe, is 16 and will graduate high school next year. I want a chance to spend time serving with him and to lead by example. I have not been on a mission trip before and if I am willing to send my son, I should also be willing to go myself. I am looking forward to challenging my privileged worldview and being uncomfortable for Christ.

Abby Johnson: I serve in our High School youth ministry as Mama Abby and I love your kids! I love watching them worship, bring their friends to meet Jesus, and most of all watch them grow into confident men and women who love Jesus - not because their parents force them to, but because they choose to. I’m going to Malawi as a youth leader and as a mama! Peter and I have the goal to take all of our kids on a mission trip at some point - and this year I get to go with our 16-year-old, Jasper! I know this trip will excite us, inspire us, teach us, even frustrate us, but all of it will help us grow in our walk with Christ and open our eyes to see the need for Christ’s salvation throughout the nations.

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