A Story of Two Motorcycles

In June, the LC3 family raised funds to purchase two good, used motorcycles to be used for bush evangelism by nomadic Fulani in Niger. These are especially useful since Fulani are cattle herders and typically spread out to allow their herds adequate grazing, especially in areas where grass is scarce.

For four days in September, four of Jon Banke’s friends used the motorcycles for outreach in the Nigerien bush. Paired on the two bikes, they visited various settlements with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. Most of the people with whom they spent time are from their own clan, many of them relatives. All four are well known and respected in the wider community, affording them open doors to speak about Jesus.

Jon heard back from them upon their return. The trip went well, and they had the opportunity to address a number of people.  Many are fearful and cautious about making a decision to follow Jesus as it represents a significant break with their cultural traditions and from their greater identity as Fulani.    

Would you pray for preparations and open hearts as these listeners come into occasional contact with other Christian Fulani?        

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