Rikki's Story

The Colson Fellows program is about equipping you to take your faith into every area of life. My purpose for taking on this robust program was simple: I wanted to be able to have smart and informed conversations with our son about faith. As a high school student in a Christian school, his apologetics teacher didn’t answer the questions he had. I wanted to find those answers. One aspect of the Colson program is a live Q&A every month where you can ask any question you want. I asked my son’s questions and I got answers!

Through the Colson Fellows I have grown in leaps and bounds in my understanding of Christian worldview, why I believe what I do, and the accuracy of my beliefs in light of biblical truth. We had encouraging discussions about assigned books, hot topics in the news, and how to have those smart and informed conversations in our everyday lives.

Do you have friends or family that have questions about the Bible or Christianity? Are you the one with questions? Do you want to know how to have conversations about what’s going on in our culture? There are so many questions - come find answers in the Colson Fellowship program!

Rikki Bogue is a recent graduate of the Colson Fellowship.

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