Christa's Story

Have you noticed the beautiful garden on the Veteran’s Drive side of LC3? I get the pleasure of spending time there as part of our new Community Garden. It’s been exciting and encouraging to watch God provide at every step of the process - from the leaders’ vision; to groups of volunteers from JBLM and LC3 hauling and building; to providing an expert local gardener as our advisor, teacher and builder of trellises.

Gardening and growing food is great, but the highlight for me is meeting our Lake City neighbors. Gardening together is an easy way to have conversation and get to know people whom you may not otherwise meet. Everyone eats, and choosing to grow what you eat becomes a common ground from which all kinds of great conversations happen... and there the community starts. We share our stories as we share our radishes and zucchini.

I love being part of a body of Christ that cares deeply for their neighbors and demonstrates it in tangible ways. If you are looking for a way to show the love of Jesus, come get your hands and feet dirty with us!

Christa Lippert is part of the LC3 Community Garden.

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