Love Lakewood

A few weeks ago, our Love Lakewood ministry spent time cleaning up Edgewater Park on Lake Steilacoom. The park was identified by the city of Lakewood as a space that could use some extra care, so our team spent two hours cutting back blackberry bushes, picking up trash, and handing out donuts and coffee to locals.

When we got to the park, the bushes were so overgrown that there was essentially no waterfront access besides the boat launch. Our team of 30 students and adult volunteers worked hard to make the beach more inviting and accessible to those in our community. One neighbor was so thrilled about the ministry that he came down and gave us a donation!

We are so encouraged by the response from the community. We hope that our efforts contribute to God’s plan for Lakewood’s flourishing, and we pray our community sees the love our church has for Lakewood!

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