Caleb & Lael

Caleb and Lael are both heading to Malawi on the 2023 Youth Mission.

Caleb Ayer: This past year God switched my perspective on the world during a trip to Kenya and now I’m pursuing my goal of someday being a full-time medical missionary. This past year I’ve been taking a full STEM load at Pierce College and planning for our family’s move to Tanzania this summer. I’m a senior here in our youth group and I felt like God was calling me to go on this mission trip to Malawi, as Africa is my goal for medical missions. I want to share the experience of the life-changing effect of the red dust of Africa with my close friends that I’ve walked with through high school. At the core of my heart, I want to see other facets of ministry on the continent as well as to see missions with my community of believers.

Lael Cameron: I come across so many people during my week: at school, youth, church, and other places I go. I can see that everyone struggles with their own giants. Lately, I have been feeling down. Being a senior and graduating soon is hard and gives me a lot to think about; I have been stressing over things that I know God has under control. I have seen that God has put people in my life that really care and He has given me many opportunities to connect to others who are struggling and encourage them to keep going, a gift of community.

God is leading me towards Malawi for the second time. This time to push myself to serve the kingdom of God selflessly; to stop worrying about the things I can’t control; and to share His love, which I can do everywhere with everyone. My first time in Malawi was life-changing, and I know this time will be just as good and full of so much growth!

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