Welcome to LC3 Missions. 

God is always working to extend the message of His salvation to the ends of the earth. Graciously, He has allowed LC3 to participate with Him in this mission. This church has been a solid presence in local and overseas missions for years, and now is expanding its reach into new areas around the world, providing new ways for the LC3 family to be involved.

Have questions about world missions or would like more information, including opportunities to donate to any project? Call 253.582.8040 or contact LakeCity@LC3.com.

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A list of our supported missionaries and special focuses is available upon request. 


The Neighborhood Center’s mission is to connect LC3 with the Lakewood community to share the love of Christ, support community, and build connections. Within Lakewood, we seek to build community, empower people, and meet needs. We equip our congregation to get to know our neighbors and find opportunities to share the love of Christ in our community interactions.


Perspectives Course

Next Perspectives Class at Lake City Community Church

January 10, 2022 - May 9, 2022

Lakewood Class

15 Weeks...15 Instructors...One Epic Story

"Perspectives is the best *missions course there is, period." - Pastor Reg Overstreet

Enrich and expand your worldview in God's mission! Perspectives is more than a class, it is an experience, mobilizing believers to become active participants in God's global mission—at home and abroad!

What are the "Perspectives" covered? 

  1. YOUR Perspective. You have an epic role to play, and it will be revealed. 
  2. The Biblical Perspective. Perspectives illuminates God's unfolding plan from Genesis to Revelation.
  3. The Historical Perspective. Walk in the shoes of those who have paved the way before us.
  4. The Cultural Perspective. Experience how God is threading diverse peoples into His story in culturally relevant ways. 
  5. The Strategic Perspective. Discover how varied global missions strategies can be and how God might use your passions, expertise, and training for His glory at home or abroad.

*Please note that childcare is now full*

niger fundraiser

How your gifts will support our Niger Partnership in 2021-2022

Goal is $15,000

  •   $3,000 for Scripture distribution (SIM cards, etc.)
  •   $2,000 for short-term mission trips in 2021-22
  •   $2,000 for the Ful@ni Bible Camp September 2021
  •   $2,000 for Bible translation (Old Testament in Fulfulde & Tam@jaq)
  •   $2,000 for support of our partners on the ground (including Ishaya & Gail, the Edens, the Bankes, and their partners)
  •   $2,000 for the Ful@ni Bible education
  •   $2,000 for the Tam@jaq Bible education


Our Strategic Focuses

  • Adoption of Unreached peoples

    The traditional church missions approach is to support several missionaries around the globe, without much involvement from the congregation. This is a “shotgun” approach. A more recent and highly effective missions strategy is to adopt an unreached people group or other strategic focus, and pour constant congregational prayer, education for all ages, partnerships, support, short-term trips, and long-term missionaries into that focus people group or community. This “rifle approach,” in turn, inspires the entire congregation to get more active in missions, including that of their own neighborhoods and workplaces.

    The Tam@jaq (2008)  & Ful@ni (2021) People of Niger – Through prayer and research LC3 identified a movement of God among the unreached Tam@jaq  and Ful@ni people of Niger. We formed a primary partnership with SIM, a church planting mission working with Tam@jaq. Over a decade of this strategic mission focus we have sent, supported, funded, networked, prayed, and praised God in countless forms. We eagerly anticipate what God has in store for the next 10 years.

    People Groups of D@gestan, 2018 – In 2018 we launched our second strategic focus, which aims in the opposite end of the 10/40 Window, in the D@gestan region. Our adopted three proximate unreached people groups in this area are the K-umyk, @kkin, and Nog@i. Pray for breakthrough among these extremely difficult groups to reach.

  • Local

    LC3 is also pleased to have local partnerships with agencies like CareNet Pregnancy Centers, Young Life, and Youth For Christ, by financially and prayerfully supporting them and sending volunteers for their ministries and special events. For information on these and all missions opportunities, contact LC3’s Global Missions Team (GMT) leader, Jeff Rich.