agapeland faq

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Agapeland (6 mos. - 5 years) Reopening FAQ

Opening June 27th/28th


What time are services?

Saturday night at 6:00 PM, Sunday at 9:00 AM, Sunday at 11:00 AM

What rooms are available?

Our classrooms will be a maximum of eight kids and two staff. For limited contact we will be keeping children from the same family together. We will determine which rooms are best to be utilized based on the reservations and you will be given your assigned room upon check-in.

Do kids need to wear a mask?

We will not be requiring children to wear masks. All volunteers will be required to wear masks until that requirement is lifted.

How are you addressing social (physical) distancing?

Knowing young children are unable to fully comprehend the parameters of distancing we will not be enforcing the 6 foot rule. We will however be setting up the rooms and activities to accommodate greater space between activity areas.

What safety measures are being taken?

The safety of our church members is of utmost importance. The classrooms will be sanitized before and after each service. Every classroom, every service will have it’s own set of toys and supplies only being used in that area at that service in order to be thoroughly cleaned before the following week. All children and volunteers must sanitize their hands and will be temperature checked before entering the classroom. We ask you to stay home if you or your children have any signs of illness.

Are food and drinks allowed?

Only Diapers, Wipes, Pacifiers & Milk for babies will be allowed in classrooms.  No snacks will be served.


How do I make reservations?

You will be able to reserve Agapeland spots for your children 6mos. - 5 years old on our website (or click here) as well as social media every Friday at 10:00 AM for the following weekend services. We highly recommend that you make your Children’s Ministry reservations first as the space is more limited in our Children’s programming than in the Worship Service venues. Then proceed to register the rest of your family at the appropriate service in your venue of choice.



When will the doors open?

Doors will open 15 minutes before the service begins.

Where do I check in my children?

Enter the far right glass doors of the Worship Center, look for signs! Make sure to check-in your children first, after dropping off your children, please return to the entrance to the venue you have chosen to check in the rest of your family.

What is the procedure to check in my children?

Please stay distanced from any families checking in before you

Each person is asked to use hand sanitizer and if possible only one adult should accompany the child(ren) to the classroom

Every child will have a temperature check. If it is over 100.4 per CDC we will ask you to worship from home that day.

The guardian will fill out a name tag and cell phone number of the person to contact on campus in case of an emergency.

You will be assigned and directed to a classroom. We ask that you not linger in dropping off your child if they are inconsolable after 5-10 minutes you will be asked to come pick them up.

How do I pick up my child? 

Please pickup your child immediately following service at the classroom they were dropped off at.  Allow for social distancing for families picking up before you.