facility expansion

transform initiative

Transform is an Initiative to lift up the name of Jesus by increasing our mission of making disciples. We are at a defining moment as a church. Having outgrown our former facilities we have enlarged them for greater impact for Jesus Christ. Imagine the next generation of Christ-followers coming through our doors and enjoying our facilities for decades to come, as they become world changers in our church, our community, and beyond!

Promiseland Project Update June 3, 2020

Promiseland Project Update May 20, 2020

Promiseland Project Update February 6, 2020

Promiseland Project Update December 12, 2019
Promiseland Project Update Video December 4, 2019

Groundbreaking Blessing from the Holt Family ~ Blessing.pdf


Main floor ~ Main floor.pdf

Lower floor ~ Lower floor.pdf


Merit Construction Update August 28, 2018

Drone Footage of Demo