God is always working to extend the message of His salvation to the ends of the earth. Graciously, He has allowed LC3 to participate with Him in this mission. This church has been a solid presence in local and overseas missions for years, and now is expanding its reach into new areas around the world, providing new ways for the LC3 family to be involved.

Have questions about world missions or would like more information, including opportunities to donate to any project? Call 253.582.8040 or contact lc3.prayer@LC3.com.

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A list of our supported missionaries and special focuses is available upon request. 

Perspectives Course

15 Weeks...15 Instructors...One Epic Story

"Perspectives is the best *missions course there is, period." - Pastor Reg Overstreet

Enrich and expand your worldview in God's mission! Perspectives is more than a class, it is an experience, mobilizing believers to become active participants in God's global mission—at home and abroad!

What are the "Perspectives" covered? 

  1. YOUR Perspective. You have an epic role to play. 
  2. The Biblical Perspective. Perspectives illuminates God's unfolding plan from Genesis to Revelation.
  3. The Historical Perspective. Walk in the shoes of those who have paved the way before us.
  4. The Cultural Perspective. Experience how God is threading diverse peoples into His story in culturally relevant ways. 
  5. The Strategic Perspective. Discover how varied global missions strategies can be and how God might use your passions, expertise, and training for His glory at home or abroad. 

Perspectives is a course bathed in prayer that grows vision, gives purpose and hope, and unifies the body of Christ. It is more than a course, it's a movement!

This course is being coordinated by a diverse team, representing multiple churches in the Greater Tacoma area. The next classes will begin in August in Bellevue and Everett.

*Course can be taken for fun, audit, or for college, graduate, or post-graduate level credits. 

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