Leadership team

  • Reg Overstreet

    Small Groups & Adult Ministries Pastor


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    Hi, I'm Pastor Reg. My primary ministry at LCCC is equipping, developing, and creating vision for our always increasing number of small groups. I also oversee several areas of "Adult Ministries" including adult Bible education, "Pathways" ministries (Greeters, Welcome Center, Ushers and Security Team) and pretty much anything else Pastor Jim wants me to do. Since 2009 I've had the joy of leading the "Tam*j*q Task Force" which does all the exciting behind the scenes work on our church's adoption of this Unreached People Group in Niger, West Africa.



    I grew up in Indiana and Florida, moved here in 2001, and then met my wife Sarah back in Indiana while on vacation there in 2004. We aren't sure how big our family will get, but for now we are enjoying our five awesome little girls, Lizzy and Gabby (who are twins), Sophia (who holds her own very well!), Penelope Joy (who lives true to her middle name), and the littlest, Agnes Faith. We are also very devoted to God's family, our brothers and sisters in Christ, whom He purchased with His blood to make His Church (Eph. 2:12-19).



    B.S. in Business Administration at Clearwater Christian College, Clearwater FL. Master of Theological Studies at Northwest Baptist Seminary, Tacoma, WA. Currently completing the Doctor of Ministry at Corban University's School Of Ministry, Salem, OR.

  • Mark Wilkening

    Worship Arts Pastor


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    I have had the privilege of serving on staff at Lake City for the last 5+ years. My passion is to see worship lived out as 24/7 lifestyle. In addition to leading others to encounter the greatness of God, I'm blessed to oversee a Creative Arts Team that incorporates the Fine, Technical, Graphic, Theater and Video art forms into ministry. Most recently, Kelsey (my wife) and I have been blessed to lead Lake City’s response to the orphan crisis by starting the The Father’s Heart; a ministry to the orphan, foster child and those who care for them. I love what I get to do at Lake City, but my real work begins when I go home at the end of the day, where Kelsey and I have the privilege of discipling our three children; Markus, Halle, and Zavion.   

  • David Pritchard

    Family Ministries Pastor


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    Greetings! I have had the joy of being the Family Ministries Pastor here at LCCC since the Fall of 2010. One of my main roles is leading Lake City Community Church in our commitment to being a family equipping church. My wife, Kelli and I speak extensively on Biblical marriage, Godly parenting, and have co-authored a book, Going Public: Your Child Can Thrive in Public School. We serve Lake City together by teaching parenting skills and working with couples on marriage matters.

  • Rich Sewell

    Seniors Ministry Pastor


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    Hi, I'm Pastor Rich and serve those 60 years old and over at Lake City Community Church. There are more than 200 of us in the church. We have a group that not only supports each other but also are very active throughout the church. I have a passion for grandparents to be focusing on leaving a godly Christian heritage to their grandchildren. Those who do not have grandchildren of their own are encouraged to help other young people in our church community who do not have grandparents in the area.



    My wife Karin and I moved to Lakewood in July of 2005. I grew up in Ogden Utah and my wife in Bremen Germany. We met through her brother who was an exchange student to the United States. We have 3 children and now 14 grandchildren (ranging from ages 1yr-19yrs) all following the Lord. We moved here after living in the DC area for 30 year and consider Lakewood our love this great church family!



    B.S. in Psychology from the University of Utah. Certificate of Bible Studies from Moody Bible Institute.



    Karin and I are devoted to helping our children in their efforts to train out grandchildren in the basics of the Christian faith. We enjoy traveling together and having others at our home.

  • Caleb Heath

    Student Ministries Pastor


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  • Nancy Shaffer

    Office Manager


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    Greetings!  My family has been a part of LC3 for over 20 years.  I recently took on the position of Office Manager and Administrative Assistant to Pastor Jim.  This church is truly my family and it is a gift to me to serve each of you!  Please email me or call the church office (253.582.8040) if you need assistance from the LC3 office.

  • Nicole Oury

    Children's Ministry Director


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    What a joy to serve the children and families at Lake City since 2001. My role here includes overseeing the children's ministry direction and vision, leading Promiseland, our elementary program, for weekend services, support of all ministries at Lake City that include children, as well as overseeing our childcare for various ministries and events. One of my favorite places to serve is alongside our 4th-6th grade students who are part of the Student Serve Team. I am blessed to be a part of the amazing leadership team and take great enjoyment of being on the Family Ministries Team with David, Caleb, and Krystal.

    My Family: I am blessed with an amazing family a testimony to God's grace. I am married to Tony Oury and together our family consists of 6 boys and 1 girl ranging in ages 13 to 30.

    Education and Experience: I have my AA from Tacoma Community College, my BAE from Pacific Lutheran University, and my MAE from Lesley College. After years of serving as a public school teacher God brought me to Lake City to share His word with children. What a blessing!

    I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you more!

  • Krystal Beadle

    Early Childhood Ministries


  • Debbie Le

    Women's Ministry Director


  • JD Dorland

    Assistant Worship & Arts Director