Here are some important updates from Project Leader, Brad Criswell:

We are entering into a very active phase of the container project that requires the help of your hands. There are at least six times and ways we will need your small group to join together with others to bring this project together.

Packing and Sorting: There are three packing and sorting events planned on Saturdays, February 18th, March 4th, and March 25th from 8am to 12pm noon. Childcare will be provided for those that let us know of the need.

Collecting: There are two more major collection dates: the 18th and 19th of February and 18th and 19th of March. We just need two to four people to help before and after each worship service with loading and unloading and a van to help haul items from the front of the church to the community center.

New Point Of Contact for Volunteers: Please contact Janet Spingath at janbal1776@gmail.com in order to coordinate with us for how you are willing to help. She is a welcomed volunteer who will be your primary person to contact about volunteer opportunities.

Upcoming Small Group Events:

Again, mark your calendars...

#LC4Malawi, Cram the Container Dates

  1. Collection Date (2 of 3) – Feb. 18/19, before and after all worship services!
  2. Packing and Sorting Party (1 of 3) – Saturday, Feb. 18 (Need 30-40 people; great for individuals, families, and small groups to do together)
  3. Collection Date (2 of 3) – Feb. 18/19, before and after all worship services!
  4. Packing and Sorting Party (2 of 3) – Saturday, March 4 (Need 30-40 people)
  5. Packing and Sorting Party (3 of 3) – Saturday, March 25 (Need 40-50 people)


For the next several weeks you will see a 40-foot shipping container parked next door at the Community Center. Why? On New Year's weekend we are launching a three-month mission project called #LC4Malawi – Cram the Container for Malawi! 

The Story: Malawi, in southern Africa, is often ranked as the poorest country in the entire world. With no natural resources, great corruption, little education, and an average ANNUAL income of only $226, there is great need.

Two of our small group coaches, Eric (and Julie) Von Barnau Sythoff and Brad Criswell, are involved with an exciting ongoing work in Malawi. Eric and Julie direct a 501c3 mission organization called The Passion Center for Children <www.passioncenterforchildren.org>. The Passion Center’s ministry is exploding in the country, with its four-pronged gospel-centered focus on: 1) Orphan care/education/food, 2) Pastoral training, 3) Health care, and 4) Sports outreach.

Each year, the Passion Center’s American partners send a 40 foot shipping container (as pictured above) crammed with badly needed clothing and other provisions. LCCC is thrilled to have this year’s container on our property at the Lake City Community Center, from January 3 – April 1… and to ship it when it is crammed full of our stuff! An added bonus is that Pastor Jim and Pastor David, Lord willing, will be in Malawi to teach at their pastors’ training conference when our container arrives this July. What a party that will be if the timing works out!

The Details: From January 1 – April 1 we are essentially asking our church, “Please, give all your clothing and materials donations to this project rather than to Goodwill for these three months!” Sounds doable and fun, right? Every individual, family, ministry, and small group can be involved, in these following ways:

  • Donate clothing and various supplies on the needed items list (click here to download). 
  • Collect from your places of employment or other organizations (example: our youth group is canvasing all local schools)  
  • Spread the word in the community. 
  • Volunteer on the Project Leadership Team, headed by Brad Criswell. 
  • Sorting and packing teams will be assembled. We will need about 8 - 12 small groups to take one of the enjoyable tasks Brad has developed.  
  • Prayers are needed from everyone, for the project and for our Christian brothers and sisters in Malawi and the people they are reaching for Christ.  
  • Attend the Malawi Interest Meeting on Sunday, January 22, at 11:30AM in the Gym (with light lunch). 

Final Thoughts: The Lake City Small Groups and Youth Ministries are spearheading this project, and they will have some unique roles. (Be sure to join a small group this semester!) But, this project is for everyone.

We are grateful that God has allowed “#LC4Malawi” to happen at this unique season in our church’s life, to “warm us up” for what lies ahead for LCCC. Our Global Missions Team (GMT) wants you to know that between March and June of 2017 we will be prayerfully considering what LCCC’s next special missions focuses shall be. Our first special focus was the “Unreached People Group Adoption” of the "T" people of N!ger, West Africa. Our second was adopting the community of Aj3, Ethiopia. That opportunity ended just as we were thinking of adding a third special focus, so now we hope to both replace the second and possibly add a third in the next year. This is a season of intense research and prayer, and we invite you to pray for God’s gracious leading and wisdom whenever the Holy Spirit brings it to your mind. We are in this together.

It is a joy to be in fellowship with you, in worship, and in partnership to obey our Lord’s Great Commission.

Perspectives Course

15 Weeks...15 Instructors...One Epic Story

"Perspectives is the best *missions course there is, period." - Pastor Reg Overstreet

Enrich and expand your worldview in God's mission! Perspectives is more than a class, it is an experience, mobilizing believers to become active participants in God's global mission—at home and abroad!

What are the "Perspectives" covered? 

  1. YOUR Perspective. You have an epic role to play. 
  2. The Biblical Perspective. Perspectives illuminates God's unfolding plan from Genesis to Revelation.
  3. The Historical Perspective. Walk in the shoes of those who have paved the way before us.
  4. The Cultural Perspective. Experience how God is threading diverse peoples into His story in culturally relevant ways. 
  5. The Strategic Perspective. Discover how varied global missions strategies can be and how God might use your passions, expertise, and training for His glory at home or abroad. 

Perspectives is a course bathed in prayer that grows vision, gives purpose and hope, and unifies the body of Christ. It is more than a course, it's a movement!

This course is being coordinated by a diverse team, representing multiple churches in the Greater Tacoma area, and will be hosted by Lake City Community Church in Lakewood, WA.

*Course can be taken for fun, audit, or for college, graduate, or post-graduate level credits. 

Click here for class and registration details.


God is always working to extend the message of His salvation to the ends of the earth. Graciously, He has allowed LC3 to participate with Him in this mission. This church has been a solid presence in local and overseas missions for years, and now is expanding its reach into new areas around the world, providing new ways for the LC3 family to be involved.

Have questions about world missions or would like more information, including opportunities to donate to any project? Call 253.582.8040 or contact lc3.prayer@lc3.com.

Download the Short-Term Missions Application. Send your completed app to Pastor Reg.

A list of our supported missionaries and special focuses is available upon request.